PILOT 6 - Hours of Crowdfunding Consultation

Spread our consultation service out over 60-days with 6 hours of assistance. Best done for pre-launch, for the duration of a campaign (avg. 30-45 days) and post-launch, to help maximize your chances of exceeding your funding goals!*

Includes all our consulting areas and works with you as the campaign evolves and progresses, a customized service!

√ Receive the TOP 10 Kicking Strategies for Success download (a $249 value)

√ Receive the 20 Ultimate Video Formula Steps for any Product Campaign ($49 value)

Work directly with a consultant on a per need basis over the campaign and get support as you need it, even after the campaign with fulfillment.

*Consulting services do not guarantee your overall success in meeting your online funding goals. All services are offered as educational resources to assist you.

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